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how to thread a manual sewing machine

To do this, place your spool of thread onto the spool pin, which is a small dowel at the top of your machine. 6) FROM spoo Fig. Images and videos are much more helpful than words, this is why I will leave you this helpful video with all the process: I really don’t think you would need to go to some classes, as you have all the information you need in manual, online sources and blog posts such as this one. Therefore, it’s mandatory to know some tips to avoid frustration and waste of time. Just loop the thread from the spool through the thread guide on the bottom of the machine and take it up to the bobbin winder. Whether you are a learner sewer or want to get informed about taking care of your sewing machine, here are the detailed steps for threading the machine. When you are just a beginner in the sewing world, threading a sewing machine can be really overwhelming and intimidating. Put a spool of thread on the spool holder. Most of the new sewing machines come with a detailed manual, which tells you how to thread the sewing machine step by step. 1 Make sure the upper thread and the bobbin thread have been correctly installed. When you have to deal with troubleshooting, then follow these little steps and see how you can repair this situation: 1. 6 Lower the presser foot lifter to fasten the fabric. I tried to explain in a few words each step, so everybody will be able to understand the topic. Thread the sewing machine needle. Threading a sewing machine is as easy as 1 2 3, literally, because the faceplate is typically numbered with the steps you must follow as you guide your thread through the machine. In all this time, the foot should stay lowered, so the fabric will connect with the feeder mechanism. On your sewing machine, there is an area that goes up and down when you turn the hand wheel and it is known as the take-up mechanism. Locate and thread any thread guides, leading down to the sewing machine needle. However, because sewing machines are often handed down or picked up at a yard sale, the instructions are often long gone and you'll have to look online to find your sewing machine manual. Threading the Machine (See Fig. And if you don’t have a manual, please get a downloadable version for the particular model of sewing machine you have. Even though you can find instructions on how to thread a sewing machine in your manual, it can be challenging. Check all the steps in the threading sequence and if they have been complied with. Before running the sewing machine, always clean and oil the mechanism; Don’t start with the most sensitive parts of sewing. Place your spool of thread on the top of the sewing machine, on the spool pin. Thread the sewing machine needle. So here are some tips that should help you with this aspect: Even if you already have a good experience in threading the sewing machine, maybe you want to get further information about the type of machine you are using. For best results, hold the thread with your left hand and turn the hand wheel. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pull your thread up and around the thread uptake lever. Pull 2 feet of thread from the spool on top of the sewing machine. So, there are 2 types of guides that will help you thread the sewing machines: In order to maintain the stitches secure and attractive then, it’s mandatory to thread the sewing machine all correctly. Are there any skipped stitches? Most sewing machines look the same, though. On the far left side of the machine, you'll find the hand wheel, and the stitch selector is typically on the front lower right side. Threading the bobbin is just as simple. The steps I showed you above are quite universal, but it’s clear that each type of sewing machine has some specific parts. Note: Threading diagrams can only be posted if we have the manual for that model. Never use a thread weight of 20 or lower. But for the first few times, you thread the machine you should start with the presser foot in … Go and check the sewing machine’s manual, this way you will know how to make the adjustments. Threading a sewing machine is an easy process that takes less than five minutes. Even if you’ve been able to correctly thread your sewing machine, you may want your machine’s manual to see all the features it has. There are usually four to five thread guides: first is on top of the machine on the left; next is usually on the thread tension guide in front; next is usually through the thread arm that sticks up on the top of the machine (this is the part that moves up and down when you sew); and there may be one or two other thread … Look for a take-up mechanism. 2. Usually, you’ll pass the thread through a series of holes or hooks called thread guides along the way. Look at the second thread guide and then pull the thread down in the space where the needle is. There is a different model of the brand (Vactric) listed on eBay and they have a manual with their machine. Answer (1 of 8): Thread the top part of the machine. Take your thread out from around the bobbin thread guide and place it around the thread … That is all there is to it. Keep in mind that threads should be held at the back, in order to prevent the thread from tangling the top. Now, the thread is pulled through the thread guide, which is placed at the top of the sewing machine. This is why I recommend you to make sure the handwheel is tight. Pull the bobbin thread that has made a loop and pull it until the top. ", Last Updated December 3, 2020 By Sara Treat. Use the needle and the thread in the correct combination. If yes, go and check to see if the needle has to be changed or if you have missed some thread guides. We added this manual to our store if you need the complete manual. Firstly practice on samples or scraps, and try doing simple straight seams. The spool should be turned so that the thread will be released counter-clockwise. Use a good quality thread to prevent excess lint in the machine. You should place the thread coming from the tension mechanism through the take-up lever. Don’t miss any thread guides. Required fields are marked *. More and more people are purchasing sewing machines both for personal use or large scale manufacturing. 3. Draw the thread down and slide it between the tension discs on the tension dial. To thread the top thread of your sewing machine, you’ll need the spool of light colored thread. If this blog post helped you, give it a share and let your friends know what you have learned today. This way, the needle will hook up the bottom thread and the top thread. Threading a sewing machine is often a beginner’s nightmare. Read more here. The spool should stay laid down or look like a peg placed in an upright manner. Some machines are set up so the thread will slide into this while others require you to place the thread through a hole. ; Always try to use quality threads. Now, pull the thread up again. I cannot promise you that the threading will be perfectly made, as you might encounter different problems and the models of sewing machines are so varied, but, following the above steps, you will still have a small guarantee that the sewing machine is nicely threaded. As complex as it might sound, the threading process is not so complicated. You can still work your machine, but it won't get ahead of you. Remove the bobbin from the spindle and snip the little piece of thread from the beginning of the winding process and cut the thread to detach the bobbin form the rest of the thread on the machine. If your stitching is uneven, that means the tension needs an adjustment. All from the original owner's manual! Whether you have an automatic machine or a manual one, some stitching problems that need fixing might appear. Categories Sewing machine threading instruction Tags Free sewing machine threading guide Post navigation. Also, make sure the machine is threaded correctly. Sewing machine manuals are considered a "part," or an essential piece of equipment to the machine. Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. Keep the eye on the tips and tricks, this way, threading the sewing machine won’t be too intimidating. Or maybe you want to learn more about the features you can use. If this happens, you have probably missed a thread guide. Check your manual if you don’t easily see the location of the thread holder. Threading Diagrams for Domestic and Industrial Sewing Machines ..... Free Threading Diagrams are back! As an Amazon Associate I ( earn from qualifying purchases. Traveling from the spool holder across the top of the machine, look for a minimum of one thread guide. Check the top of your machine for a diagram before you place your thread spool. Additionally, you will also read some tips on threading the bobbin, which is a plus if you want to become a professional sewer. Pay attention to the thread to follow the hooks, so they will hold the thread in place. This way, a take-up lever will be created, with an eyelet. Visit our threading page and you'll find free threading diagrams covering almost 400 different models. The first thing I will advise anyone to do is to check if they got a whiff. This is because the instructions in the manual are often long gone, abstract and too technical in some cases. Put the bobbin in the lower bobbin compartment and pull 10 inches of thread towards you along the little channel that's in line with where the bobbin compartment door closes.Hold thread from needle, turn hand wheel anti clockwise (towards you) and as the needle dips down and up it catches the bobbin thread… Always start sewing very slowly, in order to test the machine threading. Some machines have a small diagra… And the more you master this procedure, the better you will own the skills. Some machines have you wrap your thread between two plastic pieces and then back down, while others have you thread it through a small metal guide that sticks out of the plastic body of your machine. Also, youtube is full of helpful content on how to thread a sewing machine. This guideline is the best teaching method for threading your sewing machine. If you incorrectly feed the thread you may cause sewing problems. Over the years we have linked many of them to Brands like Dressmaker, Morse, Nelco, Universal, JC Penney and more. They may or may not charge you but hopefully they will help you with a few other things you will probably need to know. When shopping for a mechanical sewing machine, be sure to consider the following features: Built-in Stitches: Mechanical sewing machines can come with a variety of different stitches that are already built in to your device. Last but not least, it’s time to use scrap fabric to check the tension and the stitches. Insert the thread in the thread guide(s). Now that you have reached this moment, it’s time to pull the thread through the thread guide and curve it all around the tension disc. If you have the metal guide and you can’t see it, turn the hand wheel toward you until it appears, usually toward the top of the machine. If you have faced threading challenges and don’t know how to fix the bobbin, then this post is for you. Place the presser foot in the upward position. sewing machine manuals . Your email address will not be published. The tension disc is on the top left of the machine near the take-up lever and tension wheel; the spool pins and bobbin winder are on the right. Your email address will not be published. Threading the sewing machine is the first thing you need to know to do correctly, and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. It is not, nor ever will be, complete but we will endeavour to update it when new sources come to light. The tension disc is slightly below the thread guide, just so you know. Ok, I suggested you how to step by step thread your sewing machine, but there are actually some things you can do to prevent arriving at that point. This wheel should be placed towards the sewer direction. For details on the correct combination of needles and threads, refer to the section of “Combination of fabric, thread and needle”. 6 Place the spool on the spool For those who know the make and model of the sewing machine, it's likely they'll be able to locate a manual. But in some cases, it might happen to encounter some problems and the threading issue will become a daunting procedure. So far, the loop is made around the tension disc, right? Place your thread spool on the spool pin. The instructions for threading a Damascus sewing machine comes from the 1925 manual that we linked to already and were able to read. Practice with samples or scraps to try a simple straight seam. The best source for learning about your sewing machine is your machine's instruction manual. Place the thread through the take-up lever. This is the area on the front of the machine which will go up and down when you turn the hand wheel. Slip the thread under the thread guide at the top of the machine. Open the instruction manual that goes with your machine so you’re looking at the illustration(s) or the photograph(s) where the main parts of your sewing machine are labeled. On our repair pages you'll find free cleaning, oiling, and maintenance diagrams for your sewing machine. If your machine is not posted already, please send us a request. When through winding the bobbin, push the bobbin winder back against the arm of the machine, tighten the friction nut on the hand wheel and the machine will be ready for sewing. And there’s nothing worse than getting stuck at … This step creates the so-called “U”, shape, by using the thread. This way, you will prevent the excess lint in the machine; If you observe that the stitching is uneven, it means you need to adjust the tension; It is best to change the needles regularly; Don’t expose yourself to complicated projects. Only this time, the thread will be through the second thread guide. Well, these are all the actions that you need to do to thread your sewing machine. Although sewing machines come in different sizes and models, the mechanism for making a stitch on a home sewing machine is the same—it makes stitches by combining the needle thread with a second thread coming from the bobbin. The thread holder for many newer sewing machines is located on the front of your sewing machine, and it is often hidden by a face cover. Also, let me know if you had problems with threading the sewing machine and how you have solved all these issues in a comment down below. The plate will allow the needle to move in or out. Although some will say that the best way to learn the threading procedure is by reading the manual and doing … The stitch selection dial may be turned in either direction. Gently, pull the thread on the backside. To view any threading diagram just click on the desired link. Before threading the machine itself, you will need a full bobbin. Pay attention to the model you are using and check these online resources: There are plenty of reasons why to sewing machine can stop working. Threading your sewing machine correctly is necessary to achieve secure and attractive stitches. The 7th step has to do with wounding the bobbin. Most of the new sewing machines come with a detailed manual, which tells you how to thread the sewing machine step by step. For instance, if you have forgotten to move the bobbin winder spool pin back and leave it to the original position, then it can come loose and stop the sewing machine. Look in the package of the sewing machine, as there should be some sergers. Design, Sewing, Embroidery Guides, Product Reviews, Home » Blog » The Easy Steps on Threading a Sewing Machine 2020, "We hope you love the products we recommend! Although these are general rules, it might differ from the particularities of each type. Sometimes the spool pin is located on the back of the machine or on the side, near the bobbin winder. For all these and also the manuals of the best sewing machines on the market, there are online sources you can access anytime. And the more you master this procedure, the better you will own the skills. When you buy through links on, We may earn an affiliate commission. Pull the thread up and slip it through the eye of the take up lever. The good thing about this machine is that you could thread it with the presser foot raised or lower. The thread will now go down on the left side of the take-up lever. When it comes to the bobbin tension, it can be adjusted in a few steps, with a small machine screwdriver. After locating the tension mechanism you should slip the thread between the metal disks and travel back up with the thread. But, if you are already reading this, it means you are on a good path. For best results, hold the thread with your left hand and turn the hand wheel. When the bobbin tension or the sewing machine tension is too loose, there should be a dial somewhere in there to adjust the machine’s tension. before the thread is wound higher than the brass ends of the bobbin. Locate and thread any thread guides, leading down to the sewing machine needle.

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