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how to test a microwave control board

8.14) Microwave oven test-mode (From Mark Paladino ( This is not a joke: let’s say a 2000uF capacitor still measures 2kV, that’s 4 coulombs of charge, which, when discharged within, say, 10 ms, a conservative estimate, still yields 400 A of current, not to be messed with. W10306616 KitchenAid Microwave Oven Control Panel. Keep your hands on the plastic potion of the probes so you don't get shocked. – Or badly damage the contacts Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WB27X11215 Microwave Control Board at the best online prices at eBay! July 8, 2013. If you have determined that all of the other components are working properly,replace the main control board. ➔If the control is OK (no longer sees shorts with the keypad unplugged). After you get the control panel open, there’s just one other safety thing to do before you start sticking your paws all in there: discharge the high voltage capacitor. Did you know that light is also a form of radiation? Many times when troubleshooting a Whirlpool-built dishwasher (also sold under the Kenmore and Kitchenaid brands), you'll have a problem that looks like it could be either a bad touchpanel or the control board, but you can't really be sure. Behold: Awwite, there you be. The original design board had a transformer which burned out. It is built around 5V voltage regulator 7805 (IC1), microcontroller (MCU) AT89C52 (IC2), four 12V relays (RL1 through RL4), five pnp transistors (BC557), 14 tactile switches, one 16×2 line LCD (LCD1) and a few discrete components. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. , e l 2. Gird up your loins like a man! Because they pose a risk of shock, the transformer must be … Examples include: - Normal light keeps blinking but the dishwasher won't run, - none of the lights on the panel work and the dishwasher won't run. So it’s a complete misnomer to refer to microwaving food as “nuking” because it has nothing in common with nuclear radiation. This item Samsung DE92-02434B Microwave Control Board. If you have determined that all of th... e other components are working properly,replace the main control board. Next remove the control panel mounting screw then lift the control panel up to detach. Place the control panel in the service position. So whaddya gonna do, go live in a dark cave the rest of your life or get a little edumucation from the Samurai? To test for the presence of microwave energy within a cavity, place a cup of cold water on the oven turntable, close the door and set the power to HIGH and set the microwave timer for two (2) minutes. Free shipping for many products! – a high voltage power source, commonly a simple transformer or an electronic power converter, which passes energy to the magnetron Turn on the oven. Although you may have done this successfully numerous times in the past, I would respectfully recommend that you replace the said procedure with a discharge through a suitable HV resistor to prevent all of the above on top of the big spark, and that for your own future well-being you stop doing that yourself. MISSION STATEMENT: We strive to provide affordable component-level repair of microwave oven displays, control panels, and circuit boards (ideally within 2-3 weeks, but of course subject to workload backlogs and part order delays) with the aim of correcting and preventing … For example, if the item should be cooked for five minutes for … With the screws removed, open the microwave oven door and then the slide the grill to the left or just lift it right up to remove it. If you're measuring the resistance of resistors, connect one probe to each end of the resistor. how to test oven control board, Oven control board 316455430 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits some Kenmore 790-series gas ranges. Some microwave ovens have a self-test feature. Unplug dishwasher or disconnect power. Check your model, find the right part, and compare lowest prices here! Videos for related products. Basically, the oven control board should be back where it should be, except there is no ribbon linking it with the touchpad. Learn how your comment data is processed. That means, like light and radio waves, it doesn’t kick out radioactive particles. The Samurai shall reveal all these truths unto thee and the Truth shall set thee free. Have you been told you need a new control board in your appliance? The HV capacitor can hold up to 2,000 volts which can really curl your hair. Videos for related products. indicates one or more key switch lines are stuck or shorted on either the control or the keypad. Samsung DE94-02001C Assembly Control Panel. Or that your control board is no longer available? We will test your board and give you a price to repair it. Click to play video . Here’s a generic troubleshooting table that applies to almost all microwave ovens in current use: One of the most common things to test (‘cuz they go bad a lot) are the door interlock switches. I had a fridge today, ED2VHEXTB01 4 years old, coil was frozen, thawed it manually with a heat gun then applied 115 to the Heater directly, and the heater works. Electronic control board 00771183 manages various microwave functions such as heating, lighting and turntable operation. Here’s a typical configuration of these switches: And here’s a table of the other major components inside that can go bad and how to check ’em: Just one enhancement to the parts-checking table above. Transformer X1 reduces voltage to 12 volts. $136.40 Special Order. They published this Class Code 91 Letter (though they never actually explain what “class code 91” means and Google wasn’t any help) with a list of all the model numbers that use the control board discussed in this article… and there are a lot. How to test the components in a microwave oven. Electronic control board WB27X10866 manages various microwave functions, such as heating, lighting and turntable operation. You can buy a monitor at Radio Shack or a similar electronics store. Touch the multimeter probes to the circuit board test points if you're measuring voltage. I uploaded it to my google drive for you to download. You know those plastic hooks on the open end of the door? Use a damp cloth to wipe down the control panel, dry it and then test again. It may because of its touch pad or control panel that are defective or has been damage or it may have defective in its main control board. High-voltage or "step-up" transformers turn lower voltages into higher intensities. – Or produce internal damage to the capacitor, resulting in further malfunctioning of the said microwave, whose life could end in quite dramatic fashion if the internal insulator between the plates of the capacitor is damaged. This might require minimum microwave repair. Note the orientation of the wires attached to the electronic control board. GE Control Boards, Commercial Microwave Ovens, Control Boards Parts, Countertop Microwaves, maury microwave, Lcd Controller Board Hdmi, Emerson Microwaves, amana microwave, Rangemate Microwave … Do not close the dishwasher door. You can usually test things like keys, switches controller etc. As an electrical engineer, I feel deeply trepidated to bring to your attention that the capacitor may hold enough charge to maybe: Now offering on site control board repairs! To determine if the control or keypad is faulty, do the following test: 1. Capacitor C1 is connected … I know, most DIY repairmen do not have such a resistor, but it is still IMO a better proposition than the screwdriver. The radiation in microwave ovens is what we professionals call “non-ionizing” radiation. When you press a button on your microwave touchpad, the control board sends a signal to the other microwave components to begin heating. Because high-voltage capacitors in a microwave can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is unplugged, a service technician should install this part. Don’t start freaking out on me, all’s you gotta do is short the terminals together like ahso. You Talk, Dragon Types. $53.76 Special Order. Is there anyway to force a defrost? Well, they go into slots on the cabinet and jiggle some little switches called interlock switches. In this post, I’ll just go over some of the basics to de-mystify microwave ovens for you. Samsung Microwave Control Board DE92-02136A The red probe goes to the test point and the black probe goes to ground or common. 4. If your unit is not working then replace the main control board could solve the problem. When the two minutes has elapsed (timer at zero) Experience says that it's almost always the touchpanel that goes bad in these cases-- a keypad gets stuck closed or worn on the inside so it no longer makes contact. Unplug the appliance before installing this part. Now, don’t the let the word “radiation” make you all a-sceered and quivery. ... Microwave Thermostat and Fuse Continuity Test . Search the vast repository of wisdom at Control boards are often misdiagnosed—check all of the more commonly defective parts. Check the manual for any self-test … This oven control board includes the digital clock but doesn't include the overlay that marks the control buttons. How to Test the Major Components in a Microwave Oven, Samurai Appliance Repair Man, Troubleshooting Flow Chart for a Gas Dryer with No Heat, Put console back together. Most of the time, your typical multi-meter isn’t strong enough to properly check the HV rectifier (or “rectumflyer” as we call it in the trade). Cook the food according to the instructions on the package. The light bulb is not turning on Remove the kickpanels below the door and you'll find a tech sheet in a plastic pouch (unless some sleaze bag stole it). Test the microwave for radiation leakage after servicing. it will respond by turning on a Drain Motor for 2 minutes. The control board supplies the touchpad with low voltage signals. So you have to do a little battery enhancement to be able to check it in reverse and forward bias. You can test your microwave oven with food. lg microwave oven control panel with pc board and touch pad (silver) When you’re ready to disassemble the microwave oven and do some troubleshooting, you’ll begin the same way you would for any other appliance: UNPLUG IT! Well, you just relax, Grasshopper, and clean out those skivvies ‘cuz once you know a few tricks, you’ll see that microwave ovens are no more complicated than any other appliance. Run the oven and check all functions. Because high-voltage capacitors in a microwave can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is unplugged, a service technician should install this part. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. – a cavity magnetron which converts high-voltage electric energy to microwave radiation then the drain motor will NOT respond and will remain off. Control boards are often misdiagnosed—check all of the more commonly defective parts. Learn appliance repair online from experts at the Master Samurai Tech Academy! Unplug dishwasher or disconnect power. Fortunately, there's a way to tell for sure without any guesswork! – a magnetron control circuit (usually with a microcontroller, an electronic control board or PCB, which stands for “printed circuit board”) – a cooking chamber. UPDATE: Whirlpool has finally publicly admitted (kind of) that they’ve left their customers “high and dry” with this control board issue. Plug in dishwasher or reconnect power. Anything that is prepared or has package instructions is an excellent candidate for this test. ZFITEI. You just have to be patient enough to let the resistor discharge the capacitor and handle the resistor with the proper insulated pliers, but what’s 5 minutes of your life, just crack a beer. We won’t get into that here but if you need help with your specfic model, just start a new topic in the Kitchen appliance forum at the Samurai School of Appliantology and we’ll hepya there. Check and/or replace the keypad if the control responds OK. ➔If the control is not OK (still sees shorts with the keypad unplugged). It fits the Samsung built-in microwave oven. indicates one or more key switch lines are stuck or shorted on either the control or the keypad. The circuit diagram of the microwave oven is shown in Fig. If you need more hand-holding, come start a new topic in the Samurai Appliance Repair Forums. Microwave ovens should not be run empty. Learn how to troubleshoot like a Master Samurai Tech... MASTER SAMURAI TECH Therein it is written this simple procedure for determining whether the touchpanel or control board is the culprit: A rapidly blinking LED over one of the keys of the keypad (or sometimes a “dead” keypad/console). The circuit is powered with 230V AC. Put the oven control board back together and return it to its original position. To learn more about your microwave oven, or to order parts. Oven control board 316455430 monitors the temperature and controls the oven heat. Feeling better already? Transformers convert voltage for use in appliances. If you don’t own one resistor yourself, you can order a pack of 10 here . W10403039 Whirlpool Microwave Main Control Board. Zfitei Microwave plate cover . 3. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. It the capacitor is holding charge, it can snap like a fire cracker and make a cool-looking flash-bang so… heads up! No need to pay for a new control board. 0:47 . (Caution: The microwave oven can store thousands of volts of electricity in its high voltage capacitor, even after the microwave oven has been unplugged. 5 minute fix - and my otherwise excellent GE Profile microwave was back up and running perfectly. Powered by Invision Community. Supplying Demand. Awwite, with that bit of funness outta the way, we can proceed to the meatus of this troubleshooting membrane. Open console and disconnect the keypad ribbon connection from the control (at P1). How to tell whether the touchpanel or control board is bad in a Whirlpool dishwasher, How to check and replace the main circulation impeller in a Bosch dishwasher, Reading wiring diagrams: How the Defrost Cycle works in a Danby refrigerator, Whirlpool Quiet Partner II normal light blinking, Schematic Exercises to Help You Step Up Your Troubleshooting Game, How to Never Get Tricked by an Open Neutral Again, Identifying Power Supplies on a Samsung Control Board.

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