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In the North East facing rooms, I have some fake plants. Fake plants CANNOT BE RECYCLED.”. I have a few fake plants at home in areas that don’t get enough light to sustain a real plant, and at work, where I’m not allowed to have real plants. I actually save mine (and ask my friends for any they have that they don’t want) and then take them back to the nursery, where they reuse them. Here in PA the daffodils will bloom soon and then I will bring in fresh cut flowers from my yard until November. 2.) After caring for them for a while, I feel fond of them and consider them part of the “family,” ha. ... Target may provide my personal information to … There’s a huge difference between walking into an outdated home with equally outdated fake arrangements, and walking into a more updated home with modern faux plant-life. I came to the comments to completely echo what Kay said. I don’t know why it was so surprising. Houseplants are my favorite; I’m constantly propagating the ones I have to give a gifts. I plan to use the little green trees in my future home. I also enjoy the mindfulness part of caring for them. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Target: Project 62 Artificial Succulents In Pot, $14.99. Our sites use cookies to improve your experience. Model #20LOW998. I know everyone says but I bought one that looks real!! We have one in our office that gets plenty of light, but it’s a water dumping ground (in the most loving way possible). Same pile that contains bead board or board and batten for purely decorative purposes when there is zero utility attached. Yes, probably, but another thing to think about is pets. I felt it. Big showy blooms that sit front and center in your living room are harder for me to like. If your dark room doesn’t allow for real plants, what’s a good (non-fake-plant) alternative for decor? Artificial … Learning to keep real plants alive took me years, and I’m so happy with and proud of all my little plant babies. It felt so real and healthy. If my cat eats a fig tree, I’ll get an aloe plant or agave or another plant it cannot it. Simple is always best as not to attract doubt. Ha. Shop Target for Target Brands Artificial Flowers & Plants you will love at great low prices. Thank you for sharing! I have one spot on a shelf that I use as a seasonal display. The bookshelves…nearly all artificial, and the lesson here is, it’s totally okay to go faux in areas of your home that are either hard to reach (high open shelves in the kitchen or the top of bookcases, etc.) artificial plants. How much damage do the pesticides used on these “real” plants and flowers do to our environment? We clean it ourselves (my husband is in pharmacy school & I work full time) and I only have my lunch break to do anything that needs to be done in regards to those “special touches” (my dear husband tries…but there are some things that just can’t be taught ;). THOSE ARE FAKE. When you think of fake plants, … Beige Beige . Don’t sleep on preserved florals! Yeesh! Let’s dive in…. But anyhoo, I digress — as for plants: personally I prefer real plants, however, I travel about two weeks out of every six weeks and short of getting a plant sitter, with real ones I have often come home to seriously sad or nearly dead plants. I just hate all the people above who are so unwilling to listen to any other options than 100% real. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Yes, most nurseries or farmers happily take them to reuse them. They’re so simple to care for and almost indestructible. Always an option. And someone else stopped using paper towels in favor of cloth towels? Spend this time at home to refresh your home decor style! I think my answer is yes. I’ve literally stared at one recently, convinced it was FAKE (oh how the tables turn), and turns out it was REAL. Something that brings you joy will have its own light and energy. Consider handmade paper flowers as opposed to mass-produced faux flowers bought at big box stores. A good example of this is candles. -Next up…ROSES ARE NOT KOOL-AID BLUE. What am I supposed to say, “Sure my cat is dead, and I go through Epi Pens on the daily, but at least I didn’t buy plastic?” That attitude is insane. The idea that you don’t deserve to have anything at all if it can’t have something that’s 100% real, organic, biodegradable, and perfect just really rubs me the wrong way. I’m a gardener who loves real plants and spends hours growing vegetables and flowers but I’m also a paper flower artist who makes crepe paper flowers ( @mrsthank_you on instagram). Where might I purchase dried eucalyptus? Plus, more plastic. My cats are the only reason I’d go with a fake plant and although I understand the concern about plastics, what about becoming whole food vegan and being a real help to the planet and improve your health at the same time? They were purposefully quirky and such a fun decor piece that would be great in kids rooms or on a “shelfie,” for instance. The natural-looking stems on artificial flowers support carefully designed leaves and petals. HA ME TOO. Literally free of charge & it’s fairly simple to pull off without having a huge time commitment or “green thumb”. Fake plants are the most convenient way to add a touch of green to your home décor. Personally, I’m team both. Environmentally there are pros and cons to both faux plants and to the massive gardening (not to mention cut-flower) industry. In the living room, I have two real snake plants and one faux fiddle (and a real fiddle in the kitchen where I get better sunlight). I could see it in a dark bathroom, bedroom or a spot like a laundry room where having a plant might be tough, but it just adds that movement so needed in some vignettes. Filter Clear all. ? Literally. Saved from I’m a convert. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Like with a real plant you can wash it off and it’s living so it regenerates and brightens back up, but fake plants dull over time and ultimately have to be thrown away. But guess what everyone? Our lifelike artificial flowers and plants don't smell like the real thing, but they'll give your home a real boost. It just feels gross. We fell in love with the Project 62 snake plant primarily because it looks the most realistic (even up close). $5 - $10 $5 - … The disposable factor is also an issue with the fake turf stuff so many people are putting in here in California post drought. For years, I wasted money on live plants for the porch and they … Yes, they technically look like candles (especially in photos/video) but they don’t have any… Read more ». The cacti from ikea I hate bc they are so obviously fake and too brilliant of a green, but they had beautiful winter arrangements this year in sage tones. If you’re considering a faux floral and it looks like it could match a popsicle, step away. They never wilt and look fresh year after year. Same. The leaves have a “waxy” look in parts, which is really true to live snake plants, and the edges of the leaves looked more like real snake plants … I am team both. Rashmi, I love your comment! But as you say, the faux items are worlds better lately, and we bought a vacation home that changed my mind. But, you see those flowers up there? Also, I have a low planter of succulents and jade plant RIGHT in front of a southwest facing window and it’s so so sad. Colour Clear. Especially for your air quality! The natural-looking stems on artificial flowers support carefully designed leaves and petals. Order ahead and we'll have it waiting for you at the store. I use fake greenery at Christmas time. I think as designers there is a moral and ethical obligation to show ideas that have use and not just style. when they won’t last and can cause harm. Place them in the corner of a room to warm the space. I was an adamant opponent of fake flowers and plants but then I bought a couple from Target for my front porch, which gets very little light. Will never buy a fake plant that is ultimately going to a landfill. I’m also somewhat disappointed that the environmental considerations weren’t even mentioned. In general, I’d say avoid an “arrangement” to begin with, especially one that is so decorative. You learn, you get better, you kill less. Bring some green to into your life. -In the bottom row, the jade plant on the left is probably the most convincing one of this whole bunch. NOT just dropping it off at your local donation center where they now have the task of getting rid of junk that doesn’t sell, isn’t properly cleaned, etc. artificial plant sets. It took us weeks to get rid of them. If a fake plant or flower looks actually real then I say it’s fine to use, saves money in the long run and stress trying to keep it alive.”. If you find a nursery that also grows their own stock (you might have to look up a “to the trade” grower), they’ll take anything in a standard size (4″, #1, #3, #15, etc.) Compare; Find My Store. And with all the time you save not having to care for your artificial plants… In fact, these 10 artificial plants look so good, you might have to stop your friends and family from attempting to water them. Can’t agree more! Why would you have plastic instead of porcelain? Thanks to Target’s latest Opalhouse collection, though, that doesn’t need to be the case. But I will always see where it’s made, what the carbon footprint was, what ethical considerations were taken I making it. I understand the passion that people have about real plants, but man, this holier-than-thou attitude is such a bummer and, to be perfectly honest, a lot more hateful and aggressive than I’ve come to expect from this community. But that doesn’t mean there’s not something else that would thrive in your space. I try pretty hard to be a mindful consumer, but I definitely fail in many areas. . I wonder if there’s biodegradable faux options. But I still value real plants too and am on the hunt for a new one in the living room that needs low light. -Okay, so let’s start at the top left orchid arrangement. Wow this comment thread is worth the price of admission! Price. There’s something about them that feels especially stuffy and hard to pull off. Team real plants too – same for the end-of-life issues the first commenter made, but also because real plants put oxygen in the air while fakes put out plastic fumes. Finally, I remember buying a sansevieria for a dark area in my house, and the lady at the counter saying “You could grow these in a closet.” Heh. Fake. To nurture a plant, to grow it, to dedicate time and attention to it, there is wisdom, joy and meditation in it. What a beautiful, more conscious, idea. I like knowing I have real, living plants as part of my home’s ecosystem. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Absolutely. I have flashbacks to all those obviously fake ivy plants people used to shove up into the gap between the top of their kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. $79.41 $ 79. I get the commenter’s point above about plastic and landfills. I love preserved florals. (WHO AM I?). I love this idea!! I can’t fathom getting rid of them any sooner than any other decor and if I did I would just pass it on/sell/donate for someone else because they’re adorable. Thank you so much for sharing these. … Plastic is never the right answer. Real plants come in plastic containers. He’s a sweet guy but plants are clearly not his thing: the weekly drenchings would spell immediate death to a real specimen. LOL at that weak point of plastic plant containers ending up in landfills. But what happens when you’re tired of fake plants? But neither is buying florals like that – what a waste for staging, events, etc. A designer who likes them loses credibility with me. They were brought in for last year’s 4th of July shoot for Rachael Ray Every Day and unless you looked up close, you’d never be able to tell. They’re actually better with less care than more. I’m a fan of fake flowers in little arrangements that are not in your face, like tucked on a bookshelf or by a table lamp, but greenery not so much. Plastic isn’t good for the environment. Hard pass on more dusting. These artificial plants are typically somewhere in between the size of a vase of artificial flower and a full-size artificial tree. I think when I see a big bouquet, the first thing I want to do it smell it, that’s a big part of enjoying flowers. NEITHER CAN PLASTIC PLANT CONTAINERS. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. oh yes the uber chic “vine atop cabinets/weird wall-ceiling nook”. We carry a full line of silk plants … When I was prepping out this story, I asked Emily her opinion on it all as I tried to find my own words for the very important matter, see where she stood on so real vs. faux real (considering the orchid controversy), and here’s what she said: “My 25-year-old self would look at me with such ‘you’ve changed’ shame. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. I’m not an environmentalist by any means (I still – shamefully – use ziplock bags here and there) but fake plants I just can’t get behind. If you’re a master green thumb, by all means bring in air-purifying natural beauties, but some plant species are notoriously finicky, especially if you’re a newbie or just don’t have the right indoor conditions for them (dark rooms, for example). I was surprised to not see this issue addressed: for me, the landfill factor is central to this topic. Spend this time at home to refresh your home decor style! What I’ve done is gotten a combo of live plants (smaller ones) that can survive a week or so without water if they’re out of the sun, AND I’ve gotten a couple of larger and more expensive fake ones (fiddle leaf, palm) that I don’t have to worry about, especially after killing two fiddle leafs. They are my babies, and I am so proud when they grow or blosom. And that’s it. I really appreciate this post and I’m glad someone has addressed it. No plant would grow where it lives, in the water closet of my master bathroom. The one exception is the sansevieria. -So…vines like ivy are also tough. Love this! As per usual, the leaves and stems are a dead giveaway. The next time we were up there, she made the announcement to the family that indeed we had all been the fool of a faux flower conspiracy and that while it looked real and felt so real, it was in fact TOTALLY FAKE.”. My only exception is a Christmas tree because that’s already dead by the time it’s in your living room whether it’s real or not (plus needles get everywhere and I’m allergic to the sap . They will last less than a week before they go in he compost, but the act of having to go outside and cut more is so restorative to me. Agreed 100% Down with unnecessary petrochemical crap! I was an adamant opponent of fake flowers and plants but then I bought a couple from Target for my front porch, which gets very little light. I’m VERY familiar with this. the only reason i had to get a fake fiddle fig was because my cat ate the real one i had (and all other plants in my house regardless of where they are!). Faux flowers, no. When I was a kid she grew all our vegetables.) Except for Christmas decor (faux greenery and berries and xmas trees and the like are ok). Her talent is amazing. How in the world did this post get published without these points being made? Because it’s just an endless cycle of buying more stuff. I just pick plants that can survive on neglect at times ?. It’s given me inspiration for my own back patio. If you really want something merely decorative, skip the petroleum based faux flower for some of the hand made paper flowers. -The snake plant (which is actually a very easy plant to care for, though toxic to cats) fooled me, owner of many snake plants over the years. You only ignore the latter problems under the false sense that that gardening is “natural.”. I think there have been amazing technological strides that mean there are a ton of very beautiful options for artificial plants out there. I have had a few houseplants over the years, but in general I’m not much of a fan of plants as decor. Absolutely nothing will ever be as good looking as the real thing. I grew up with my mom having vines around the top of the cabinets, faux floral arrangements, and the like….makes me cringe! I used to hate fakes but now I try to encourage clients who only care about what a project looks like to consider the plastic counterparts. 1.) They look so real my mom asked me why am I not watering them like the other ones. Sometimes its not what you say but how you say it. Here is TOP SECRET, BEHIND THE SCENES information: the roses in Emily’s vines up there…fake. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Just thinking about this makes me sneeze…all the dust that accumulates in those petals. For me pets and plants are important in my house, is the vibrant energy they have so I would rather prefer the real thing. I would never have all fake plants, but sometimes you want that pop of greenery in an area that won’t sustain real plants because of the low light. I am on team real. As a professional plant maintenance person in Los Angeles, I’d so much rather lose the business than watch someone with a lot of money buy the same rare and beautiful plant over and over insisting it to live in imperfect conditions. How to Use Fake Plants Outdoors. I dont really throw away my old faux plants, but I’m sure people do. Though I think they can be used in some instances, and there are SO many good options out there, it begs the question…should you? I actually have the fun cactus from target pictured above. Paper flowers. My husband and I own an Airbnb and I have gone back and forth over this for months: to have real flowers, or not to have real flowers. I wash them every few months, they always look fresh and require zero maintenance, I could never maintain real flowers in my bedroom. I have some paintings and prints, framed, nothing pricey, of green things and scenery, in a room that can’t support real plants. And, growing up in the 70’s and 80’s they still, no matter how much more real looking they have become, remind me of bad 80’s plastic plastic. If you asked me a few years back, I would have given faux plants (especially flowers) a hard pass. Could all of these potted plants have been real without much fuss + all the benefits living plants offer? I dislike most things “faux” and prefer to get what’s real, still in my budget, even if that means less often, etc. I’m very grateful for this new crop of real-looking faux plants! You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I have tried for 5 years to keep plants alive in those 2 places and it just isn’t happening. Oh it’s Thursday! As someone who’s cat tries to eat every plant, including a spiky cactus, I have no choice but to get faux plants. I run an airbnb and I love that my cleaner religiously waters the soil of my fake orchid. . In my current apartment I use a narrow silver tinsel tree. Free delivery on orders over $80. Also, for those of you with low-light situations, I empathize. I’m rather amused by all the environmental cowgirls on here commenting on all the plastic, when interior design and it’s continual redoing, repainting, replacing (cabinets, furniture, paint, etc) is completely the antithesis of being green. I had never really heard of them before, so thanks for the tip! I also have a few (small) fake trees in storage. (Which is great, because I always slowly kill those.) I do have a few fake tulips in a vase and yes, they look real, but I can’t get behind shelves full of plastic or giant plastic plants because they are an easy way to be on trend.

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