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are transistor radios still made

[11] The Regency TR-1 is patented by Richard C. Koch, US 2892931 , former Project Engineer of I.D.E.A. It was only sold domestically in Japan while 50 units were imported in Canada by General Distributors (GENDIS). Made in Japan. Several TR-63s appear each year on eBay but expect to pay top dollar for one. Bell Laboratories demonstrated the first transistor on December 23, 1947. $12.85 shipping. Billions of transistor radios are estimated to have been sold worldwide between the 1950s and 2012. … CD stood for Civil Defense and was taken very seriously in the 50’s and 60’s due to the communist “red scare.”. These later examples command top dollar on Ebay. any idea the value of a “world-tone 8 transistor radio…model HR-802″…in original unused packaging and box. Trying to look up the vintage, any information on this brand would be appreciated! [23], The TR-63 was the first transistor radio to sell in the millions, leading to the mass-market penetration of transistor radios. then it was sold to japan did not hear any more. So I sorta uh kinda uh hounded my dad about the good GEs. [11] The Regency TR-1 was announced on October 18, 1954, by the Regency Division of I.D.E.A., was put on sale in November 1954 and was the first practical transistor radio made in any significant numbers. Love the comments!! [24] The TR-63 went on to sell seven million units worldwide by the mid-1960s. [5] In May 1954, Texas Instruments had designed and built a prototype and was looking for an established radio manufacturer to develop and market a radio using their transistors. Finding a radio with its original box, leather case, earphones, owner’s manual and warranty card/sales slip will inflate it’s worth. It takes battery 6422 which is 9 volts the length of a AA, and slightly larger in diameter. Zenith was still producing radios in the US in the early '60's, but before long, even they gave up and sent radio production overseas. Some collectors refuse to buy damaged radios. Does anyone remember (have a pic of?) None of the major radio makers including RCA, GE, Philco, and Emerson were interested. By painting all artwork on the inside of the clear plastic dial cover, there would be no wear or damage to the most attractive features of the radio. Finding a US made transistor radio from 1963 is pretty uncommon. The radio works very well and is in beautiful condition minus the tip of the antenna missing. Two companies working together, Texas Instruments of Dallas, and Industrial Development Engineering Associates (I.D.E.A.) Sticker says made in the Philippines. RCA had demonstrated a prototype transistor radio as early as 1952, and it is likely that they and the other radio makers were planning transistor radios of their own, but Texas Instruments and Regency Division of I.D.E.A., were the first to offer a production model starting in October 1954. It was a beautiful radio that I pined for for months as a model sat in a glass enclosed retailer in the neighborhood along North Prospect Road. Any info on where? It does work. They were marketed as “toys” rather than electronic devices thus stepping around the taxes! Shown below are transistor radios that are part of electronics history. Still from 1948 to the early 1970's transistors like tubes were discrete parts in electronics. [5], There are many claimants to the title of the first company to produce practical transistor radios, often incorrectly attributed to Sony (originally Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation). During times of emergencies, all stations except the CONELRAD stations at 640 and 1240 AM would cease operations (note that some Japanese radios made by Sharp and Hitachi during the late 50’s left out the CD marks). Speakers on each end, 23 1/2 L. i have a Windsor Transistor Radio- model 2628 AM/FM and i cannot find any information on it—-can you please help? I have tried to learn how much such a radio would have cost, but it is of no consequence. I also have a Englishtown Pee Wee 7 MTR716xx radio that measures 2.7″ x 1.7″ x 0.8″ that does not work. Although Japanese manufacturers were a bit behind the American companies in producing transistor radios they quickly caught up and exceeded expectations. [11] When it was released in 1954, the Regency TR-1 cost $49.95 (equivalent to $476 today) and sold about 150,000 units. The 9-volt battery was introduced for powering transistor radios. There were stamps inside the radio that clearly said: MADE IN JAPAN. Others, like myself, are not troubled by buying less than perfect examples. It measures approximately 10″ tall by 6.5″ wide with a black faux leather case. Even Japanese radios without reverse painting are highly collectible. I have a P1758 GE AM transistor radio still in box and a gray RCA stolid state transistor radio. [26] The transistor radio went on to become the most popular electronic communication device of the 1960s and 1970s. I found a video on Google stating it was made from mid to late 60’s. It is estimated that only 5,000 to 10,000 units were produced. For the fourth studio album by, Invention and Technology Magazine, Fall 2004, Volume 20 Issue 2, "The Revolution in your Pocket", Author: Robert J. Simcoe, Book Title: TI, the Transistor, and Me, Author: Ed Millis, page 34, Article: "The French Transistor", Author: Armand Van Dormael, page 15, Source: IEEE Global History Network, website:, Regency TR-1 Transistor Radio History, Wall Street Journal, "Chrysler Promises Car Radio With Transistors Instead of Tubes in '56", April 28th 1955, page 1, Chrysler Imperial Owners Manual, 1956, Page 13, "Why You Owe Your Smartphone To The Transistor Radio", "TI announces 1st transistor radio, October 18, 1954", "Regency markets pocket transistor radio", "Philco's All-Transistor Mopar Car Radio", "Mopar 914-HR Ch= C-5690HR Car Radio Philco, Philadelphia", "Sony History. when i was a kid in the 1970s i had a small am/fm radio that looked like a plain black plastic box when it was closed. [11] This "pocketable" (the term "pocketable" was a matter of some interpretation, as Sony allegedly had special shirts made with oversized pockets for their salesmen) model proved highly successful. The need for a low voltage high current source to power the filaments of the tubes and high voltage for the anode potential typically required two batteries. I wish I had been smart enough to encourage him to teach me… so much more …. A common type now is the portable digital audio player. The time spent restoring and repairing is very rewarding and it’s much easier on the pocket book! In the 1960s and 1970s, transistorized products mostly used the fundamental junction transistor design developed by Bell Labs. Gold on white, black accents, bright red and powder blue along with geometric shapes like starbursts, chevrons, jet wings, diamonds and parallel lines make reverse painted radios visually stunning and highly sought after by collectors. Hi, The mass-market success of the smaller and cheaper Sony TR-63, released in 1957, led to the transistor radio becoming the most popular electronic communication device of the 1960s and 1970s. AM FM Portable Radio Battery Operated Radio by 4X D Cell Batteries Or AC Power Transistor Radio with and Big Speaker, Standard Earphone Jack, High/Low Tone Mode, Large Knob 4.5 out of 5 stars … Sure, you’ll want some key radios but make sure you collect what you like. Ending Dec 6 at 7:17PM PST 3d 14h. Most often I pass them up unless the price tag is $5 to $10. Performance was less than stellar but these radios could still pick up local stations. For a brief period TR-1s were released in very attractive pearlescent pink and light blue colors as well as swirled, jade green and mahogany. $22.00 shipping. “The transistor radio remains one of the most popular communications devices. There is a little wood wear to the bottom inside of it, the phone “cord” has a little fraying on it, and the phone “earpiece” has some paint wear on it. H5580-2 Transistor radio, plastic / metal, made by Regency Division IDEA Inc, America, 1954-1958. From shop DejaVuShopGifts. It has a large oval speaker and is considered to be the best sounding/performing portable transistor radio ever. Your email (will not be published) (required), Vintage Transistor Radios of the 1950s and 60s, The Birth and Evolution of Victor Victrola Antique Phonographs, Transistor Radios: 1954-1968 (Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Norman Smith, Zenith Transistor Radios: Evolution of a Classic by Norman R. Smith, Transistor Radios: A Collector’s Encyclopedia and Price Guide by D. R. Lane and Robert A. They might have been dropped, left in the sun, damaged while trying to replace the batteries or just plain neglected by their owners. Panasonic released several radios that are highly collectable today such as the Panapet and Toot-A-Loop. This process also gave the radio a three dimensional appearance. [4] After obtaining patent protection, the company held a news conference on June 30, 1948, at which a prototype transistor radio was demonstrated. The small components of transistor radios that became smaller over time were used to make anything from "Jimmy Carter Peanut-shaped" radios to "Gun-shaped" radios to "Mork from Ork Eggship-shaped" radios. Here is a rare Canadian Transistor Radio … of Indianapolis, Indiana, were behind the unveiling of the Regency TR-1, the world's first commercially produced transistor radio. It used a round 9V battery. It takes four and they looked like large hearing aid batteries. Vintage Portable Radio, National Panasonic R-1045, Transistor Radio, Pocket Radio Receiver, Made in Japan, 70s DejaVuShopGifts. Hi I started my hobby of collecting vintage transistor radios when I was given Norman Smith's book, "Transistor Radios 1954 - 1968." my dad got it at some shop on canal street in new york. However, as with the early Texas Instruments units (and others) only prototypes were ever built; it was never put into commercial production. [8] It was built with four of Intermetall's hand-made transistors, based upon the 1948 invention of the "Transistor"-germanium point-contact transistor by Herbert Mataré and Heinrich Welker. never been able to find anything similar and don’t know any details about it. I can’t find much at all on this. And is there any value to these radios. An additional benefit of the 8-TP-1 was its efficient battery consumption. [11] By November 1956 a transistor radio small enough to wear on the wrist and a claimed battery life of 100 hours cost $29.95. many thanks! I found a red TR-1 at a flea market two years ago and only paid $100. Canadian Made Radio Sparton 8M1-K Large 8 Transistor Radio. Be sure to examine the cabinet closely when making a purchase. Initially import restrictions kept Japanese sets out of Britain, but all that changed in 1960. If you care to research this fascinating hobby further there are many great resources on the internet. This began in the late 1970s with boom boxes and portable cassette players such as the Sony Walkman, followed by portable CD players. The more basic ivory and grey cabinets will fetch less money than the “mandarin” red and black. It used the nine-volt battery, which would become the standard for transistor radios. I have one particular one . Following the invention of the transistor the first commercial transistor radio, the Regency TR-1, was released in 1954. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up [11] Within five years, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation grew from seven employees to approximately five hundred. These are CD marks, which appeared on all radios manufactured or sold in the U.S. from 1953 to 1963. The first transistor radio hit the consumer market on October 18, 1954. [15][16][17][18], While on a trip to the United States in 1952, Masaru Ibuka, founder of Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation (now Sony), discovered that AT&T was about to make licensing available for the transistor. I suggest spending some time on the internet or scanning the pages of the few transistor radio price guides to research makes and models. If you really want to find a great deal on a Regency TR-1 I suggest frequenting your local flea markets, garage sales and antique markets. American companies were the first out of the solid-state-radio gate with the release of the Regency TR-1 on Oct 18, 1954 (it sold well into 1955 and 1956 as the re-designed TR-1G and TR-4). American made radios tend to be slightly larger than their Japanese counterparts. In your travels you may even encounter pocket radios called “Boy’s Radios”. Advances in silicon development in the 1970s led to metal oxide … What we’ve realized over the years is that these radios are not as rare or scarce as once thought. Reverse (back) painting was a very popular method of ornamenting transistor radios between 1958 and 1962. Because of the extremely low labor costs in Japan, Japanese transistor radios began selling for as low as $25. Microsoft founder Bill Gates pointed to the transistor … The look and size of the TR-1 was well received, but the reviews of the TR-1's performance were typically adverse. Wanted: Any info on a Philco Ford All Transistor wooden radio. This type of device is a popular choice with listeners who are dissatisfied with terrestrial music radio because of a limited selection of music and reception problems. [citation needed]. As a result, the sound quality was much better than the TR-1. My Mother had a Silvertone and that round 9v battery was hard to find even back then. They could no longer compete with the lower prices and more attractive designs coming from Asia. VINTAGE 1950s ZENITH " GOLDEN TRIANGLE " OLD ANTIQUE TRANSISTOR CLOCK RADIO. [11] By 1962, the TR-63 cost as low as $15 (equivalent to $127 today),[24] which led to American manufacturers dropping prices of transistor radios down to $15 as well.[11]. Through this book, I … One easy way to date a transistor radio to this period is to look for small … Many were also larger, leather-clad portable sets like the Zenith Royal 750 and Raytheon 8TP-1. "[13] One year after the release of the TR-1 sales approached the 100,000 mark. BTW, that radio worked for fifteen years, till the plates on the tuner cap bent from ware. The key … It requires 2 UM-5, 1.5V batteries (Eveready 904). If you want to identify an item, try posting it in our Show & Tell gallery. If you want to keep a radio historically accurate, I recommend not changing its electronic components….the choice is yours. I have a Philco Transistor with the leather carrying case and strap in mint condition. In the early 60’s Japanese manufacturers developed AM radios which could operate on only two transistors. The transistor radio remains one of the most popular communications devices. Since the transistor's base element draws current, its input impedance is low in contrast to the high input impedance of the vacuum tubes. It does not work but i wonder what the history of this radio is. See more ideas about Transistors, Transistor radio, Vintage radio. [14] Chrysler made the all-transistor car radio, Mopar model 914HR, available as an "option" in fall 1955 for its new line of 1956 Chrysler and Imperial cars, which hit the showroom floor on October 21, 1955. Bright colors and cool shapes made a comeback (perhaps inspired by disco, mood rings and the excesses of the decade). However, transistor radios are still popular for news, talk radio, weather, live sporting events, and emergency alert applications. Transistors offered many improvements over the vacuum tube: They were smaller, used much less power, and were more reliable. [11] Following the success of the TR-63 Sony continued to make their transistor radios smaller. The radio is very small, 3 x 2 1/2 x 1/1/4″ in excellent condition and has a leather case in very good condition. There were a few neighborhood kids with various GE models and they all received mubh better than anything our family had. Most of the price guides on the market were released well over ten years ago during the first “wave” of transistor radio collecting. Thank you for your time and wonderful info. 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